The water on the plastic comes from the air.

The water in the air comes from the bowl.

The water in the bowl comes from the cans.

The water in the cans comes from the tap.

The water in the tap comes from outside.


The heat that evaporates the water comes from the fan.

The power that drives the fan comes from the plug.

The electricity in the plug comes from outside.


The energy that takes the can up the ladder to the bowl is the body.

The energy that fills the cans is the body.

The body gets its energy from outside.

But we cannot see the outside or there is no outside to the system, it just exists in a bigger, larger system. We can see the entirety of the water system, and the entirety of the room, but we cannot see the entirety of the block of rooms, we can not see the entirety of the block of buildings on the street, we can not see the entirety of the island on which they are founded. We can not see the whole of any system. We can only experience it in its fragments. And thus we can perhaps become too focused on its fragments and incapable of trying to conceptualise the larger system.

I can leave the system of the fan (as marked out), and stand under the tarpaulin, but the water vapour will still impact upon me. I can escape the tarpaulin that catches the condensation, and go and sleep on the bed in my self contained escape, but the noise of the fan still reaches my ears.


There is No Outside was open to the public from 10am – 6pm, on 13th and 14th, May. A zine was made previous to this and available in the space. A second zine was made by the end of the first day, and a third by the end of the second. Camomile tea and a dessert of Banana, Almond, Oats and Honey were served at an ‘Overtime’ closing event.

System 1 (Escape): 4 Stacked Office Desks, Silver Blanket, Pillow, Desk Chair, Ladder, Cardboard Camomile Flowers, Cardboard Mandrake, 2 Black Pens, Blank Paper, Waste Paper Basket, Cans.

System 2 (Production): Desk, Trestle Legs, Roof Tile, Dehydrator, Bowl of Water, Ladder, Cans with water

System 3 (Space): Transparent Plastic Canopy, Zines, Cans of Water, Empty Cans

System 4 (Greater Space): Studios, Storage Cupboard, Elevator, Sofa, Kitchen, Pillars, Timber.

System 5 (Power): Extension Cable.

Before opening : One page zine (horizontal, printable) Zine-there is no outside

End of First day: One page zine (vertical, printable) thecrane

End of Second day: Double sided (fold in four) There is no outside – camomile

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