Ruth & Alexander are just one person, but pretend like they are two. They create alternate worlds out of words, MS-paint, digital film, bits-and-pieces of stuff and the unsuspecting bodies of others. They like nothing more than participatory performance works, making immersive games out of the things that horrify, aggravate, intrigue or bring joy. And there’s the odd publication.

In the past working as either Ruth Aitken or Alexander Aitken, their art has discussed the systems and means in which our brains’ functions critically, morally and socially and how this can be overridden or exploited (suggestion, decision making, ritual, culture, technology).

Currently, they are interested in cultural attitudes to work and time, and the broader implications this has in terms of physics, energy and the narratives we tell about ourselves. Furthermore, how we experience time and work through the lens of ever progressing technologies.

Ruth collaborates with Becca Clark, as Bhuntang Marmalade, in attempts to poke fun at the ridiculousness of the world. Their work is quick fire, bombastic and aesthetically assaulting.

With Becca Clark, Ruth is also a founding member of Bitter Rind publishing collective, and runs a bi-weekly essay club for new, creative, non-fiction writing.


Curriculum Vitae

Cover Letter (Word of Warning)

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