I will die from happiness

Yellow ascends, stretched skin puffing odd. Yellow looks up to see you, Green, bright, demanding and full. You fall, drifting down towards Yellow. You both inhale and inhale and as Yellow fills with helium it loses the feeling in it’s extremities, it’s eyes. It, mustard in warning, smiles and laughs; it floats and suffocates and merrily rises. Green, you fall and fall. Oxygen whispers at your mouth and puckering skin, you draw it in further. Paining for a different air, you drop further in your sky. We will die from happiness, and asphyxiate with helium and too much oxygen will strangle us and we explode our rubber lungs with too much want. Green and Yellow, you hover past each other on your personal trajectories, lilting, colours mingling, like cartoon acid. You struggle for each others breath, gasping dragging in your source, too distant and so Yellow flies higher, lost, to ice and thinning life and certain explosion or frozen stasis. It’s opposite, a still sparkling, synthetic mask, drops as a corpse circling down through water, to become myth on some bed below. I will die with euphoria frozen in my ribs. expanding and creaking and shattering with giddy sadness.


Alexander and I were born of different means, of different lineage, though neither was sure what or whom that lineage may have been. But, we

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This writing project was created after ongoing conversation with the artist Vsevolod Kovalevskij, and is included as a text in the current show SSD SEA/A,

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I WAS BORN an adult. I woke, my feet already large and calloused, buried deep in sun cracked dirt. With difficulty I dug them up,